Children 2 Childhood School Remember

Children Childhood and innocence, one in the same in many options. Two young friends playing in the back yard, running after butterflies in the meadow, watching Cinderella or Winnie the Pooh in the living room covered with a blanket. These are some of the pictures that may come to mind when you think of young, innocent child. However, are all children so innocent as we tend to think I do not think so. Think how many fights occur among children in kindergarten or elementary school or things that they consider very important such as who is going to sit next to Nancy at lunch or whose elder brother is stronger O f course everybody knows all of the stupid tricks chalk in the eraser or tack on somebody s chair. I know that all these things aren t serious and we can consider them as children games, but sometimes these games can occur many problems.

Moreover, some children don t have a sense of measure. I can tell you a story from my own childhood. In my elementary school, I had a Japanese teacher Larisa Urievna, who tried to be nice and sweet, but as much as she tried to be nice and kind, she lost her control over the entire class. We even made her cry a few times. We felt very sorry when we saw her crying, but the next day we again screamed and were running around everything was happening all over again. I can still remember how sad she looked, like she failed.

It isn t just at school when children are nasty or mean; it also happens at home. I remember my neighbors, whose little children bugged their baby-sitters they had nonstop. One of them was stuck with my neighbors for a week. I will never know how on earth she made it through that week without going completely crazy. Children can be very nasty and most people only remember the good points of childhood.

I think sometimes it s useful for parents to look at their children not as perfect little angles. There are some good kids, but they are no always on their best behavior, or always what they seem to be. Unfortunately, parents want to have this perfect image of their children, and sometimes they look over the obvious to use what they want to see. People don t want to believe that children are no innocents, To believe anything else is to go against all that we were taught about how childhood is a wonderful and worry free time and possibly the best time in our lives.