Rape In Chengdu Chung Lee

Rape in Chengdu Rape in Chengdu Xiao Kim was very late coming back from the Young Women’s Club. In Chengdu, in 1957, deep in the heart of a China that was becoming more industrial than rural, it was still safe to walk the streets at any hour, and so the fourteen-year-old felt little fear as she wandered along the sidewalk. Of course, Xiao Kim should have felt at least a little fear. After all, curfew had been thirty minutes before, and even in safe Chengdu there were strict regulations about not being out after curfew unless you were on the People’s business.

But Xiao Kim did have a good excuse – and one that could be easily verified – and so she wasn’t too worried. She thought to herself, “If I am stopped, I’ll simply explain about the Young Women’s Club meeting running overtime because we had so many items on the agenda. Any Public Safety people who stop me will understand that.” Xiao Kim was a good little Communist. She held Mao in great reverence and esteem, and believed in the Revolution with all her heart.

Xiao Kim believed that, as long as her own intentions were good, she would never have to fear any agent of the State. She passed by People’s Paint Factory Number Thirty-Seven, on Mang-lu Street, and turned left as she always did. She expected the street to be quite empty, and it was. She was halfway down the block, passing by an empty, condemned tenement house when she heard the car’s engine behind her. Cars were rare in Chengdu – and Xiao Kim paused, turning to peer at the oncoming headlights, squinting. The car simply rolled up – a Russian-made vehicle, noisy and smelly and inefficient – and halted at the curb by Xiao Kim.

The engine and headlights died at the same instant, and three men emerged, letting the car doors remain gaping open behind them. The all wore military clothing – and the red-and-white armbands that marked them as Public Safety officials. Xiao Kim, little fool that she was, smiled shyly as the three men stepped up onto the sidewalk and swaggered towards her. “I know it’s past curfew – I’m sorry, but you see – ” And she launched into her excuse. “Papers, please,” said the tallest of the three, interrupting her rambling explanation. Xiao Kim blinked, and then dutifully produced her ID card, her Young Women’s Club membership card, and the official paper marking her as an employee of People’s Slipper Factory Number Thirty-two.

The man who idly perused her documents had a little brown name tag affixed to his collar. It said his name was ‘Chung Lee.’ Xiao Kim glanced at the other two – but they had no name tags. She decided that Chung Lee must be their supervisor, then. And she began to worry. Perhaps they would feel the need to make an example of her if they were being observed on their rounds tonight. “She ” ll do,” Chung Lee said darkly.

“Her little tits are like unripe apples,” complained the shortest of the three, a squat little fellow with rather crooked teeth. “But she’s so small – she ” ll be a tight fit on my cock,” said the third, a slender young man with rather debonair good looks. And by now, Xiao Kim was starting to get nervous. Those were not comments one expected to hear from the Guardians of the People! “Come on. In there,” Chung Lee said tersely, grabbing Xiao Kim by the elbow.

He pulled her towards the abandoned tenement house, shouldering open the door, which hung crookedly from rotting hinges. The other two followed, and Xiao Kim, too well indoctrinated to disobey, simply went along. Inside, the bottom floor of the tenement house was full of dust, and not much else. The lobby was empty but for a desk at one end, which had once been the front reception desk, but was now simply a platform to collect dust. Chung Lee pulled the slender girl over to the desk, and released her arm. He smiled down at her upraised face, and said comfortably, “Take off your skirt, Xiao Kim.” Xiao Kim glanced at the other two men, but both Crooked Teeth and Handsome simply smiled benignly at her.

She wasn’t sure what to do – and she wasn’t certain what they wanted. But these men were her protectors – if they wanted her to remove her skirt, she should just do it. All would be explained later. So, timidly, the girl unfastened her black pleated skirt, and carefully stepped out of it. She was left in only her white cotton panties and long-sleeved black silk shirt. Chung Lee took the skirt from her hands, and tossed it to the dusty floor.

“And now the shirt,” he commanded. Meekly, Xiao Kim obeyed. Chung Lee took the shirt from her as well. Xiao Lim was left standing there, nude except for her panties.

The three men seemed to inhale deeply all at once, admiring her tender young breasts, tiny but perfect, rounded and firm, pink little nipples tightening and hardening as the cold air caressed them. Her skin was so clear, absolutely unblemished, and so pure. In their pants, the men began to harden. Chung Lee stepped forward, and then around the trembling girl, who crossed her arms over her chest, giving the other two men a frightened look before lowering her gaze to the floor. She jumped a little when she felt Chung Lee’s big, cool hands settle against her waist. She stood very still as they slid around to her flat belly, then down her abdomen.

One hand remained on her abdomen and, as Chung Lee moved forward to press his body against Xiao Kim’s back, his other hand slid down father, over her panties, pushing between her soft thighs to cup over her crotch. Xiao Kim closed her eyes and shuddered as she felt Chung Lee’s long fingers begin to caress and explore her tender censored through her panties. He molded the cotton of her panties against the soft shapes of her immature cuntlips, rubbing her slowly. Although she was frightened, Xiao Kim began to feel a curious warmth down between her legs, where Chung Lee was slowly rubbing, pressing, and caressing her.

She sucked in a sharp breath when he lifted his hand, only to slide it down beneath the waistband of her panties. His longer fingers continued to slide down, finding her bare little cunt, gently sliding along the length of her slit, opening the soft petals of her flower, probing at her tight, dry little opening. He slid just the tip of his index finger into her opening, probing, pressing. She could hear the other men’s breathing becoming labored. Chung Lee withdrew his hands from her body, and stepped back from her. “Take off your panties, small one,” he said quietly.

Obediently, though she was terrified, Xiao Kim did so. She suspected that these men had to examine her somehow, and that to do so they would possibly have to touch her a great deal, and the thought was both horrifying and exciting. Chung Lee’s touch had been gentle; she didn’t mind so much if he decided to caress her soft censored a little more. “Get up on the desk, Xiao Kim. Sit on the edge, and open your legs as wide as you can.” A little horrified at the thought of placing her bare bottom on the dusty desk, the girl nevertheless obeyed, keeping her gaze fastened on the floor as she opened her legs as far as she could without slipping off of the desk. The three men gazed intently at the fourteen-year-old.

Her little slit was as yet hairless, perfect and untouched; her soft little censored lips tightly furled yet plump, suggesting a passionate nature. “Let’s wet her,” growled Crooked Teeth. “She ” ll rub us raw if we don’t,” agreed Handsome, adding thoughtfully, “Well, perhaps just the first one. Still, we should wet her.”I’ll do it,” promised Chung Lee, stepping forward and kneeling between the girl’s parted legs. With his long fingers, Chung Lee carefully pulled Xiao Kim’s tender cuntlips open, exposing her pink slit and quivering cunt hole to the cold air. Xiao Kim cried out softly when Chung Lee leaned in, and extended his tongue, poking it up into her tiny opening.

He kept it up, withdrawing his tongue and then pressing it into her over and over again, and the heat Xiao Kim felt began to build, until her tight little passage was slick with both Chung Lee’s saliva and her own moisture. Pleased, Chung Lee pulled back a little, and then slowly inserted his long middle finger into her hole. The girl gasped and closed her eyes tightly, for it hurt just a little bit. Chung Lee gasped, too, both at the way her tight little sheath squeezed his finger – and at the feel of her membrane against the tip of his finger, her virginity. Chung Lee drew back and stood up. “Xiao Kim, lie on the desk on your back.

Draw your knees up and keep your feet on the table. Spread your thighs as wide as you can.” Shivering, the girl obeyed, turning and scooting herself to lie lengthwise on the table, her dark hair fanning out beneath her as she lay herself on her back, opening herself as Chung Lee had commanded. “Close your eyes.” She did so. She heard fabric rustling. She knew instinctively that they were all undressing. And, finally, she realized that she was about to be raped.

But these were Public Safety officials – and what could she, a mere citizen, do She began to shiver violently. “Call Headquarters. Tell them our location – and that we have a female dissident in captivity. Have them send over Xiang, Ku to and the others,” she heard Chung Lee say. And then she felt a large male body come down over her, a smooth chest press against her breasts, then rise up as familiar long fingers once more parted her soft swollen censored lips.

She felt something hot, blunt, and hard rub itself up and down in her slit a few times, and then gently press itself against her tender opening. “Oh,” she sighed – and then moaned as Chung Lee began to press his feverishly hot, hard cock into her tiny hole. Xiao Kim arched her back and stifled a cry of pain as the blunt hardness continued to press into her narrow, wet little cunt. She heard Chung Lee begin to pant above her.

Abruptly, he lost patience with his attempt to enter her slowly. She felt his hands grip her hips hard – and then shrieked in agony as she felt as if a pole had just been jammed up into her cunt. Chung Lee groaned in pleasure as he abruptly forced his cock up the small girl’s tight little cunt, ripping through her hymen and burying himself to the hilt in her grasping wetness, his coarse pubic hair scraping harshly against her bare little mound. He felt her internal muscles clamp down on his raging prick in fierce spasms, massaging along the length of his throbbing cock until he was drooling with pleasure.

Grasping her hips tightly, Chung Lee immediately began sliding his prick rhythmically in and out of the now-weeping girl beneath him, all of his muscles bunching as he humped his hips forward over and over again in vicious jabbing thrusts that speared his cock into her tender hole, rubbing her raw. After just two minutes of vicious censored ing, Chung Lee yelped, rammed his hips forward in three quick jerks, and spurted his boiling hot cum into the young girl’s cunt as she trembled and sobbed beneath him. Slowly, Chung Lee pulled his softening, blood- and cum-streaked cock out of the girl’s tender young slit, which seemed to close up afterwards, except for a trickle of red-tinged cum, which leaked from her swollen slit. Crooked Teeth, licking his lips eagerly, was next.

Xiao Kim felt his fat body settle atop hers, felt the excited fumbling of his fingers as he felt at her breasts and her cunt, spreading her open for him. She suppressed a sob when she felt his thick cock poking against her – finally finding her tight hole and being forced inside by the panting man, who quickly shoved in to the hilt, and began to saw and slide in and out of her raw vagina, rocking above her. Crooked Teeth also had foul breath, which washed over her as he repeatedly crammed his turgid cock into her slick sheath. He squeezed her tiny breasts hard when he finally stiffened above her, and she moaned when she felt his hot semen flooding from the tip of his thick cock into her censored . Handsome grumbled about having to go last as Crooked Teeth withdrew his cock from her abused censored . Still, he was more than ready to push the girl’s thighs more widely apart, and he didn’t waste any time touching her – he just slid his long hard penis into her wet cunt, slowly, relishing the feel of her swollen tightness around his prick.

Unlike Chung Lee and Crooked Teeth, who stood aside and watched, Handsome halted himself inside the shivering girl, and then lay almost still atop her. He moved his hips in tiny movements, probing inside of her with his hard prick, poking into her without really thrusting, enjoying the feel of her internal muscles squeezing him, the feel of two other men’s cum seeping out around the seal where the base of his cock was pressed against her bare mound. A low groan escaped Handsome’s mouth as his cock swelled, and then began to twitch and jerk and spew his cum into the girl’s slick channel. By the time Handsome finished and rose, seven men from Public Safety Headquarters had arrived – and they gazed with pleased lust at the barely-conscious girl lying with her legs open on the table.

One by one, the men mounted her, shoving their cocks into her tender cunt, sawing in and out until they came in her. They all had her several times before morning – but only in her cunt, only with her lying flat on her back on the desk. Few even touched her breasts. Xiao Kim passed out mid-way through the night. When she awoke, it was morning, and she was alone in the tenement house. Her cunt ached fiercely.

She was filled with drying, sticky cum, and the same substance coated her thighs and groin. She dressed slowly, and then walked home. She would never again think of Chengdu – or the People’s Republic of China – as a safe place.