The first question which every enrolled freshman face is the place of further residence. It is not that easy to decide upon the most appropriate location: from one side, almost every student is still a party animal who needs some company; from the other side, some silent places are required for the productive educational process, like The same day essay service.

Different universities offer different options. As a rule, there are three of them: staying on-campus (residence hall), renting an apartment, or living with parents just as it used to be before.

Pros of Campus Life

Most surveys show that the majority of students despite they are extroverts or introverts prefer living on-campus at least for the first year. It allows them to adapt faster and gives an opportunity to change the status from the typical school nerd into a true follow-up leader. For girls, it is their first chance to take off Cinderella’s mask in favor of College Beauty Queen.

It is the shy guys’ alternative to hit there, in the basketball team. Teens feel more incorporated when living on campus. As a rule, a workout premise is included, so there is no need to waste hours searching for a place to study.

Finally, living on your own requires a solid portion of responsibility, so the one who survives in the college residence hall will make it through for the rest of the life.

Cons of Campus Life

Unlike with parents and other family members, a student cannot demand own rights any longer. Riding roughshod over your neighbors may result in long-lasting conflict. A student has to share private stuff with others, ask for permissions to listen to the loud music, wait until the shower will be fixed again, etc.

The lack of comfort and personal space is complimented by the need for study. It is not that easy when noisy gigs follow you everywhere you try to hide with your educational materials. Forget about being a superior student if you used to!

“I Would Rather Die Than Live with My Parents!”

Well, it is not that dramatic, but living with your family is not the best attitude. Going to the ‘caf ’ with your mates is critical only during year one, so you can return to your mom and dad.

But they have to be really democratic to allow your boyfriend/girlfriend to stay and accept your new life. Remember: they will always treat you as a child no matter what happens, and it can damage your reputation. So, the question is whether you receive more freedom at your house or on campus.

Is Renting an Apartment a Way Out?

Judge for yourself: the only disadvantage of this alternative is the waste of money. However, everybody knows that renting a room instead of the entire apartment will result in lower expenses.

Here you will finally find enough space for your imagination, education, and private life. You will recover your financial stability in full after getting a well-paid job.